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Re: Problem mit serial Ports

Michelle Konzack <linux.mailinglist.for.michelle@michelle-is.de> wrote:

> Nun beim Hochfahren von Debian 2.1 wird angezeigt, das ttyS2 und
> ttyS3 sich auf IRQ 4 bzw 3 befinden...

Ich zitiere mal die Serial-HOWTO:

  12.7.  The Startup Screen Show Wrong IRQs for the Serial Ports.

  Linux does not do any IRQ detection on startup.  When the serial
  module loads it only does serial device detection.  Thus, disregard
  what it says about the IRQ, because it's just assuming the standard
  IRQs.  This is done, because IRQ detection is unreliable, and can be
  fooled.  But if and when setserial runs from a start-up script, it
  changes the IRQ's and displays the new (and hopefully correct) state
  on on the startup screen.  If the wrong IRQ is not corrected by a
  later display on the screen, then you've got a problem.

  So, even though I have my ttyS2 set at IRQ 5, I still see

       ttyS02 at 0x03e8 (irq = 4) is a 16550A

  at first when Linux boots.  (Older kernels may show "ttyS02" as
  "tty02") You have to use setserial to tell Linux the IRQ you are

Bezogen auf Debian solltest Du Dir als
/usr/share/doc/setterial/README.Debian.gz ansehen und danach verfahren.



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