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Re: [Debian]:pppd Problem

On Fri, Oct 01, 1999 at 04:12:02PM +0200, Uwe Nestmann wrote:
> [-- Sony 505 FX mit Xircom Credit Card CEM56 --]
> [-- Debian 2.1  mit kernel 2.2.12 --]
> [-- pppd 2.3.5. --]
> Mit unten angehängtem chatscript ergibt sich unten
> angehängtes ppp.log ... wobei:
>     pppd[428]: Connect: ppp0 <--> /dev/ttyp0
>     pppd[428]: Terminating on signal 15.
>     pppd[428]: Connection terminated.
>     pppd[428]: Receive serial link is not 8-bit clean:
>     pppd[428]: Problem: all had bit 7 set to 0
>     pppd[428]: Exit.
> Kann das jemand verstehen bzw mir verständlich machen?


     Q: When I try to establish a connection, I get an error message saying
     "Serial link is not 8-bit clean".  Why?

     A: The most common cause is that your connection script hasn't
     successfully dialled out to the remote system and invoked ppp service
     there.  Instead, pppd is talking to something (a shell or login
     process on the remote machine, or maybe just the modem) which is only
     outputting 7-bit characters.

     This can also arise with a modem which uses an AT command set if the
     dial command is issued before pppd is invoked, rather than within a
     connect script started by pppd.  If the serial port is set to 7
     bits/character plus parity when the last AT command is issued, the
     modem serial port will be set to the same setting.

     Note that pppd *always* sets the local serial port to 8 bits per
     character, with no parity and 1 stop bit.  So you shouldn't need to
     issue an stty command before invoking pppd.

marko schulz

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