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[Debian]: [debian.announce] Debian 2.0 Release later today!

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We are mere hours away from the largest IRC party Debian has ever
thrown, as the release of 2.0 "hamm" will happen:

        in Austrailia: at 10:00 AM ACT on Friday Jul 24
        in Europe:      at 0:00 midnight UTC on Friday Jul 24
        in America:     at 8:00 PM EDT on Thursday Jul 23
                           5:00 PM PDT

Debian's developers and users are already gathering on IRC channel
#debian, irc.debian.org.  Everyone is invited for the Great Event,
which will begin 2 hours before and probably last well into the night
-- or afternoon as the case may be.

There's also a live countdown page at http://www.netgod.net/.

For new users, the install floppies will be on all of Debian's mirrors
at the moment of release.  And since irc.debian.org is linked with the
Linux Internet Support Cooperative (http://www.linpeople.org/), there
will be experts on IRC to help with things like ppp, sound, and X

People with Debian releases older than this hamm can upgrade easily
after installing the next-generation package manager, APT, which was
just put on Freshmeat. (Its perhaps better known by its secret
codename, "deity".)

To join us, point your favorite IRC client at a server that sounds

        irc.us.debian.org	    irc.eu.debian.org
        irc.au.openprojects.net     irc.linux.org

The long wait is over.  :-)

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