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Re: He rebut aquest correu: lists.debian.org has received bounces from you

-------- Mensaje original --------
Asunto: Re: He rebut aquest correu: lists.debian.org has received bounces from you
Fecha: Tue, 12 Nov 2013 20:30:00 +0100
De: Daniel Elias <daniel.elias@gigamail.cat>
Para: Jordi Boixader (Idroj) <idroj@bergueda.org>

Jo també l'he rebut. He passat el traductor de Google i no diré que m'he 
quedat com abans, però poc n'hi ha faltat. El servidor de gigamail està 
basat amb el gmail; igual el problema és d'ells.

En fi, esperarem que no passi res d'irremeiable.

El 12/11/13 17:47, Jordi Boixader (Idroj) escribió:
> Hola, he rebut aquest correu:
> No acabo d'entrendre que esta passant, he fet algo malament?
> Dear subscriber,
> We've encountered some problems while sending listmail to your
> emailaddressidroj@bergueda.org.
> In the last seven days we've seen bounces for the following list:
> * debian-user-catalan
>     1 bounce out of 80 mails in 30 days (1%, kick-score is 80%)
>     (http://lists.debian.org/bounces/H2MfblWG8WgX35HRU8mc1g)
> (The link above points to a copy of the latest bounce
> and will be valid for seven days.)
> If the bounce-rate passes the kick-score, our bounce-detection will 
> forcibly
> remove your subscription.
> Bounces happen from time to time when spam slips through our filters 
> but are
> rejected by your mail provider.  If you are your own mail provider and 
> use
> 'Before-Queue Content filtering', you should whitelist 
> bendel.debian.org from
> Content filtering.
> However: You can safely ignore this message (and you will not be 
> unsubscribed
>  ) if your kick-score remains low.
> For more information seehttp://wiki.debian.org/Teams/ListMaster/FAQ
> You are welcome to contactlistmaster@lists.debian.org  if you think this
> message was sent in error.
>         Sincerely,
> The Listmaster Team
> -- http://lists.debian.org

Daniel Elias

Usuari de Linux nº 461584

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