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The Framebuffer device is slow and the there's only 1024x768 resolution, but at
least the scaling is pretty ok. Put vga=792 into your kernel parameter line and
boot with framebuffer console. The corresponding XF86Config-4 file has been
stolen straight from Knoppix - kudos to Klaus Knopper for it.

XF86 radeon driver (4.3.0 and later)
This one has decent 2d acceleration and is fine for anybody not keen on playing
Unreal Tournament 2004 and the like or for those who shun non-free software on
their box. Also now we can finally use the native WXGA resolution of 1280x800
points. I found a fitting modeline somewhere on the web. The XF86Config-4 file
can be found here.

Proprietary ATI driver with 3D support
This driver supports 3D acceleration but is closed source. I've got it to run
after another session at the local LUG. I used Flavio Stanchina's debian
packages of the ATI driver which are available under
Everything went smoothly according to the instructions there. Benchmark scores
seem to be a bit low with 1400 fps in glxgears and 250 with fgl_glxgears as
compared to nvidia ones, but tuxracer runs nicely even with 600 MHz cpu clock -
have not tried other games. Also the native driver will TOTALLY LOCK the system
when switching from X-display back to a framebuffer console - since I had
compiled in radeon fb support into my first kernel, i had to redo it to fix
that. Reference:

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