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Re: Kernel build errors was Re: More install problems under Ultra10 and tftp...

Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:

> I have enough tools installed to try to build a kernel. I have the
> upstream source for 2.2.7 (I never build from a Debian package), but when
> I try to build it I get:
> rm -f kernel.o
> ld -m elf64_sparc  -r -o kernel.o signal.o ksyms.o sched.o dma.o fork.o exec_domain.o panic.o printk.o sys.o module.o exit.o itimer.o info.o time.o softirq.o resource.o sysctl.o acct.o capability.o kmod.o
> ld: cannot open linker script file ldscripts/elf64_sparc.xr: No such file or directory
> make[2]: *** [kernel.o] Error 1
> but /usr/lib/ldscripts/elf64_sparc.xr _does_ exist.
> Do I have a broken ld, or what?

Not necessarily.  Have you tried the instructions at 
<URL:http://www.debian.org/ports/sparc64/#kernel> ?

Watch out -- I think that the egcs64 package is not quite fit to
actually compile the kernel.  Try using one the of the stock
kernel-image-2.2.x packages from potato...

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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