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Re: continuing setserial problems

>Well, I'm not really an expert on how things work on the sparc64

Nor am I, I'm afraid.

>Are they using drivers/char/serial.c?  They may not be.... I'd be
>surprised if the my serial driver works on the Sparc64 w/o
>modification, and I haven't seen any Sparc 64 specific modifications.
>Maybe if the sparc64 hardware has ISA hardware compatibility.... but
>that would be surprising, since the ISA bus is *junk*.
>If they are, then the serial ioctls really should be supported, and it's
>a bug.  But I'm not sure this is the case.

Hmm... the implication here is that unless Sparc64 supports ISA
hardware compatability, basically, setserial is not really of any use
without specific patches to setserial use different ioctls?  Or am I
misreading you there?

I assume you aren't saying ISA hardware compatabilty is required for
setserial to be useful at all, since that would mean it wouldn't be
useful on any platform but i386 and maybe Alpha...

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