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"Theodore Y. Ts'o": Re: continuing setserial problems


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   From: Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com>
   Date: 02 Jul 1999 00:38:00 -0400

   Using setserial 2.15 with kernel 2.2.x on the Sun4u architecture, I
   get failure:

    # setserial /dev/ttyS0
    sys32_ioctl: Unknown cmd fd(3) cmd(0000541e) arg(effffc20)
    Cannot get serial info: Invalid argument

   Is setserial's functionality just not supported in the Sparc64 Linux

   A knowledgable Debian sparc64 person, Steve Dunham, wrote:

   |  I always assumed it wasn't needed (and disabled it).  The error
   | message that you included above will only come from the sparc64
   | kernel.  (It is from the code in
   | arch/sparc64/kernel/{ioctl,sys_sparc32}.c which translates the
   | arguments of 32-bit system calls into 64-bit system calls.)
   | Since it is unhandled, either: it's not used on the sparc, or they
   | didn't get around to adding it.

   Mr Tso, do you know if this is a sparc64 kernel bug?

Well, I'm not really an expert on how things work on the sparc64

Are they using drivers/char/serial.c?  They may not be.... I'd be
surprised if the my serial driver works on the Sparc64 w/o
modification, and I haven't seen any Sparc 64 specific modifications.
Maybe if the sparc64 hardware has ISA hardware compatibility.... but
that would be surprising, since the ISA bus is *junk*.

If they are, then the serial ioctls really should be supported, and it's
a bug.  But I'm not sure this is the case.

David Miller would know, I think.  Dave?

						- Ted

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