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Re: Can't install with nfs mount

Tomislav Vujec <tvujec@CARNet.hr> writes:

> Roger Foxcroft wrote:
> >
> > I'm afraid I don't the answer to your problem, but I wonder if you
> > can tell me how you booted from the network? I have been trying to
> > get my Ultra 5 to boot from another linux machine with bootp, but
> > it sounds like you've done something a little different to that.

> OK, here is the procedure:

> my i386 linuxbox:
> 	rarp -s ip_add hw_addr
> 	arp -s ip_add hw_addr	
> 	cp tftpboot.img /var/tftp
> 	cd /var/tftp
> 	ln -s tftpboot.img ip_addr_in_hex	# something like A1357BA7 -

Note that, by default, tftp looks in /boot on Debian systems, if you
want to use /var/tftp, you'll have to edit /etc/inetd.conf.  You also
have to enable the tftp server in the same file.

> and ultra:
> 	boot net

> That's it.

> On the other hand, I solved my problem with lots of tweaking. Few
> comments:
> - root.bin in tftpboot.img is full till last block, I had to remove
> fdisk from it to configure

:) I'll be making a new one RSN.

> - there is no nfs install support
> - there are no tools to build tftpboot.img on i386-linux or
> sparc-solaris

Nope.  On Linux I usually use the tools from misc/src/trees.  My Ultra
tftpboot image was made with "tilo" - I'm not sure if there is a
piggyback program that supports Ultra kernels.


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