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Fw: Simplified Risk Management Software

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From: JD Corcoran <heart@usaor.net>
Date: Sunday, February 14, 1999 10:32 PM
Subject: Re: Simplified Risk Management Software


Here's an e-mail that was sent to me that I really think you should read.  If you are a Broker, Chief Financial Officer, Investor, Market Manager, or Trader, it could be a significant benefit to you or someone in your business.   This risk management software is nothing like I have ever used before, and I know it will help you as it has helped me!


*If you perceive charting, financial data, trading systems and/or technical analysis as vital to your success, this is a piece of software you need to examine.

*This software is the most innovative product on the market today for surveillance, accounting, tracking and risk management of your futures and stock portfolios or any other object or material that has a calculated value.

*It is common knowledge that most market participants are trading without any or use limited financial instrumentation to guide them.

*Do you think it is wise to engage a volatile and unpredictable market without sophisticated financial software?

*SuccesSoft / StockSoft is the missing link if you feel that you have invested a lot of time and money in your career, yet the market does not return what you would like.

*SuccesSoft 7.0 is the instrument panel which guides you to maximizing your profits while managing your risk!

FACT: Automobiles and jets have mandated vital instrumentation which enables the operator to maximize their potential.

FACT: Markets move rapidly, which greatly affects the participants’ capital and market preservation.

FACT: This is your opportunity to MAXIMIZE your abilities by utilizing SuccesSoft 7.0.

* * * If more market players had used SuccesSoft at initiation, they would still be vital players in the market today. * * *
SuccesSoft / StockSoft are NOT more of the same trading software…it is based on your financial objectives with strong emphasis on risk management.

It is a market tool that pays for itself everyday just as a GOOD tool should.

It would be a wise decision to invest a few minutes at http://www.successoft.com in order to see examples of how SuccesSoft 7.0 can benefit you EVERY DAY!!!

Managers, don’t you think that the traders who you supervise in these intensively competitive and volatile times should have every ADVANTAGE working for them to manage risk?  Knowing break even is a glance away when you can hedge / spread with a simple mouse click.

Brokers, don't you think you should put your clients on the cutting edge of the markets and maximize their profits EVERY DAY.  Providing this service enhances customer loyalty and promotes new business.

CFO's, don't you think now is the time to financially monitor your company's equity issues and/or pertinent operating materials.  The information provided by the software is a necessary compliment to your position.

Traders, don't you think having simplified profit and loss objectives are crucial to you since you may have limited funds?  In Auto Mode, you can forecast prices on the fly, and sophisticated accounting is performed for you instantly.

SuccesSoft and StockSoft are engineered to merge the distinct financial needs of ALL market participants into a single powerful tool.   

With the 'Export File' feature, all of the screens can be exported to file that can easily be e-mailed or accessed through a network.  This feature can be used for traders that are supervised, and market results can quickly be sent to management for analysis.

The SuccesSoft/StockSoft system provides high levels of integrity.  All exported files are locked out and the deletion of financial data is password protected.

This is your opportunity!!!  Come visit us at http://www.successoft.comYou will not be disappointed.

"POWER UP and ENGAGE your limitless potential HERE and NOW".


SuccesSoft Corporation

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  U.S.A.

1.888.414 SSOFT / 1.888.414.7763

Technical Assistance: 1.724.863.8653

Fax: 1.724.861.5379

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