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Can't install with nfs mount


I'am desperatly trying to install ultralinux on my ultra 1 box without
cdrom or floppy. I manage to hack through dinstall and configure the
network before installing base. Now I have networked machine without
single network program on root.bin inside tftpboot.img. Using my hacking
nature I tried to add some files to root image *like ftp or even tftp
client), boot how to build tftpboot.img after that. I need piggyback
executable which is used by boot-flopies package, but there is none
according to Contents file. There is one in my kernel source, but it
doesn't accept command line parameters. I don't have any other working
sparclinux box. Just i386 and couple of solaris boxes. How did you build
this image? Is there some secret URL with this tools available?

P.S. Do not offer NFS install without rpc on root image. On the other
hand you have to offer it because there is lots of people like me :-)

P.P.S. there is place for one of ftp,tftp,netcat on root image, why not
put it?


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