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Re: Bug#669003: fontconfig: TEXMF fonts status and activation

Hi Keith

On Do, 26 Jul 2012, Keith Packard wrote:
> I'll remove it and substitute whichever directory names you'd like to
> symlink the useful files to.

I think there is no need, since we will link it under some
directory that is already searched,
That would mean no change whatsoever for you.

> > Since I guess you often has to deal with these matters, do you have
> > any semi-automated procedure/script to check for that?
> Alas, the only sure fire technique is to look at the glyphs with a font
> previewer...

Ugg, I cannot check whether all the Korean hanguls are correct ;-))))
Not to speak of tranditional Chinese hanzi.

Anyway, that is not anymore your problem. Just a problem of man power
on our side (which is quasi limited to <1).

Thanks a lot


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