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Re: Bug#669003: fontconfig: TEXMF fonts status and activation

Norbert Preining <preining@logic.at> writes:

> That is good, that means it would be better to have the actual fonts
> in the texmf trees (since mktexlsr and mtxrun scans everything again 
> and again) and make links from the /u/s/fonts/ dirs into the texmf
> trees.

That seems fine to me.

> Good that I did understand it right. Anyway, I leave it to you to do
> whatever should be done.

I'll remove it and substitute whichever directory names you'd like to
symlink the useful files to.

> Since I guess you often has to deal with these matters, do you have
> any semi-automated procedure/script to check for that?

Alas, the only sure fire technique is to look at the glyphs with a font


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