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Re: Bug#669003: fontconfig: TEXMF fonts status and activation

Hi Keith,

On Mi, 25 Jul 2012, Keith Packard wrote:
> > That will *never* happen. DEK has finished TeX and there are only
> > very minor bugfixes in exponentially increasing time frames.
> I'll complain next time I see him then :-)

Good luck! And at the same time ask him about the status of his
project, I am shaking for anticipation!

> > So at the current point I see the following solutions:
> > - you add /u/s/texlive/texmf-dist/fonts/{opentype,truetype)// to the
> >   trigger
> Given that these directories contain a pile of links to standard fonts,
> I don't want to just add them wholesale.

I see, ok, let us drop this approach.

> > - we link all the pfb/otf/ttf fonts we find to somewhere in /u/s/fonts
> You're welcome to do that, I don't want to have fontconfig search
> through your pile of links though.
> If we want non-TeX applications to use these fonts, perhaps they should
> be installed in some non-TeX-specific location, and then TeX could link
> them into its tree in the 'right' place?

Is there a pro-con with the location of the real files versus the links?

I stumbled myself recently on a real painful property of ext4 and all
the newer file systems, because running mtxrun on my computer was
extremely slow. The reason was that there were many *many* long links,
so links whose targeet does not fit into the indoe itself. That created
a long list of readdir plus stats. Now the problem is that readdir
does not return in inode order, so the requests to the fs layer are
not ordered and cannot be combined, so many many *many* small requests
which makes the head of the hd spin around.

Do you expect something similar wiht fc-cache?

On Mi, 25 Jul 2012, Keith Packard wrote:
> > That means, if I drop files into /u/s/texmf/fonts, the fc-cache is
> > recreated, but that does *NOT* include fonts in /u/s/texmf/fonts, since
> > they are not mentioned in any fontconfig configuration file.
> Correct. Are there any fonts that we would want fontconfig-using
> applications to use?
> Yup. Easy to check, just use 'fc-list' to see which font files are
> available for fontconfig applications.

Yes there are fonts that are present but not found by fc-list.

But *WHY* then is there a trigger interest in /usr/share/temxf/fonts?
It triggers an fc-cache run without any reason and sense, isn't it?

For the other question: I assume, there are lmodern, tex-gyre, ...
that might be of interest for the rest of the world outside TeX.

Actually this is one of the most common requests I get: make the fonts
available for fontconfig. The problem is that I don't have the 
capacity nor knowledge to wade through all fonts and check whether 
they make sense to be findable by fontconfig ...

Best wishes

Norbert Preining            preining@{jaist.ac.jp, logic.at, debian.org}
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