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Re: User specific tds

On Mi, 18 Jul 2012, Patrick Häcker wrote:
> After deleting the override for TEXMFHOME and TEXMFCONFIG everything seems 
> to work and the files in my home directory are again preferred to the 


> The last thing I am curious about is the program name. So if texdoc is 
> getting the paths, does it use "texdoc", "doc", "latex" or something 
> completely different as its program name? I am asking because only if "doc" 
> is used, my home directory would be preferred to the system path 
> (/usr/share/...) as far as I understood.

texdoc searches under $TEXMF/doc, that means in your case
But also see the answer by Frank how to find all possible paths where
you can put doc files.

> More general: Does every program use its "real" name or how can I find out 
> which name gets used?

No. It is up to the program what it does. Most do, though. ANd for most
it is not of relevance.

Best wishes

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