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Re: User specific tds

Patrick Häcker <pat_h@web.de> writes:

> The last thing I am curious about is the program name. So if texdoc is 
> getting the paths, does it use "texdoc", "doc", "latex" or something 
> completely different as its program name? I am asking because only if "doc" 
> is used, my home directory would be preferred to the system path 
> (/usr/share/...) as far as I understood.


kpsewhich --show-path 'TeX system documentation'

and you know where to put your documentation files below ~/.tex/.  Or
read the TDS.

> More general: Does every program use its "real" name or how can I find out 
> which name gets used?

Hm, they should use the name of the link they are called with.  Binaries
always do, or maybe nearly always, but I fear there are scripts around
that use kpsewhich and do not set progname.  

(Of course they don't need to if they only use the -expand-* or
-var-value options)

Regards, Frank

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