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Re: User specific tds

Hi Patrick,

in addition to what Frank answered,

On Mo, 16 Jul 2012, Patrick Häcker wrote:
> /etc/texmf/texmf.d/05texmf.cnf. I think, the problem is the change in 
> interpretation of texmf.cnf's content, not the change in content itself.

Disagree. There has not been any change since ages.

> able to do what I want. How can I disable adding things to the path I do not 
> need, like /home/pat/.tex/tex/kpsewhich//, i.e. truly configure the path? Or 
> is it not configurable as it just does not matter?

You didn't get it and you didn't care to read my email. the point
is that the last part is *dynamic*, it changes depending on the program.
So if you run
then the part will be 
If you run context, then it will be .tex/tex/context, if you run
kpsewhich, then it will be .tex/tex/kpsewhich (unless you give
-progname, which you should to find you files properly!)

> For me, "useful" is where I put my files into my TDS structure and what I 
> thus added as path to the config file (see below).

And that should work, as far as I see.

> > Do you have ~/.tex/tex/latex/...?
> Yes, sorry for not mentioning explicitly, I thought this was the logical 
> choice.

That is good.

> This seems to be a problem created by me, I am just wondering if there is 
> any case where it makes sense to search in a directory twice. In my opinion 

No, there is no reasonable case. But you created it - so what should one do?

If you configure your PATH environment to contain 20 copies of
$HOME/bin, then it will be checked 20 times. The program is doing what
it is asked for.

> Thanks for this explanation. "Too late" means, that the files in /usr are 
> used instead of the files in /home. So if I have a more recent version of a 

By *what*? By "kpsewhich" or by latex itself?
Did you call
	kpsewhich -progname latex 

> file locally, it is not used. Thus, developing LaTeX packages is 
> uncomfortable, as the old global version gets used instead of the new local 
> version.

Wrong, it works very nicely, since I am doing that a lot. And many people.

> Is you explanation part of the documentation? If it is, I should probably 
> file a bug report, shouldn't I?

My explanation, as well as the documentaiton in the various info files,
agree, and agree with the behaviour. 

Why don't you, instead of abstract talk, give a concrete proof that it 
does not work:
* list of files in $(kpsewhich -var-value TEXMFHOME) with directories
* example tex input file
* log file of the failed run

Anything else is just pure speculation.

Best wishes

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