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Re: User specific tds

Hi Frank and Norbert,

> You didn't get it and you didn't care to read my email. the point
> is that the last part is *dynamic*, it changes depending on the program.
> So if you run
> 	latex
> then the part will be
> 	.../.tex/tex/latex
> If you run context, then it will be .tex/tex/context, if you run
> kpsewhich, then it will be .tex/tex/kpsewhich (unless you give
> -progname, which you should to find you files properly!)

thanks a lot for your patience and explanations, they are very welcome. I 
now see, that I really didn't get the dynamics of the path, which indeed 
seems to be a clever concept.

After deleting the override for TEXMFHOME and TEXMFCONFIG everything seems 
to work and the files in my home directory are again preferred to the 
systems' directories. The changed behavior I thought to observe might stem 
from my lack of understanding, I'll keep observing.

The last thing I am curious about is the program name. So if texdoc is 
getting the paths, does it use "texdoc", "doc", "latex" or something 
completely different as its program name? I am asking because only if "doc" 
is used, my home directory would be preferred to the system path 
(/usr/share/...) as far as I understood.

More general: Does every program use its "real" name or how can I find out 
which name gets used?


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