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Re: User specific tds

On Mo, 16 Jul 2012, Patrick Häcker wrote:
> changed /etc/texmf/texmf.d/05texmf.cnf to set the TEXMFHOME, TEXMFVAR and 
> TEXMFCONFIG variables and run update-texmf. This worked, but from time to 
> time an update (I run testing) breaks my configuration.

Shouldn't happen unless you accept our versions. dpkg should ask you
if you want to keep your changes or install the maintainers.

> I want to have $/HOME/.tex as a texmf tree (I do not know why the defaults 
> differ from this standard most other non-tex packages use). After the last 
> update I got:
> > pat@mmm ~> kpsewhich --show-path tex | tr ":" "\n"

I assume you have

> > /home/pat/.tex/tex/kpsewhich//
> > /home/pat/.tex/tex/kpsewhich//
> > /home/pat/.tex/tex/kpsewhich//

> > /home/pat/.tex/tex/generic//
> > /home/pat/.tex/tex/generic//
> > /home/pat/.tex/tex/generic//

> > /home/pat/.tex/tex///
> > /home/pat/.tex/tex///
> > /home/pat/.tex/tex///

So in short, that is the absolut correct search path due to

> So I get a lot of useless paths, before getting a useful path 
> (/home/pat/.tex/tex///), but the useful path is too late. So the questions I 
> have:

What is *useful* for you? 
Do you keep TDS structure in ~/.tex/?
Do you have ~/.tex/tex/latex/...?

> Why is the same path used more than once? Shouldn't that be taken care of? 

Why: Becasue (I assume) you defined TEXMFCONFIG=TEXMFVAR=TEXMFHOME. Not
a good idea anyway, but you defined it like that.

Taken care of: No, if you want this then it appears double, but it does not
hurt at all.

> Why can this path not being edited like the shell's path (or can it)? How do 
> I get the wanted path first?

You need to understand how searching works. The search path is set to
(more or less with variations):

That is where the stuff comes from.


YOu said "too late" ... what doe sit mean? Are the files not found???
WIth the settinggs you have the files should be found without any
problem ...

Best wishes

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