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Re: User specific tds

Patrick Häcker <pat_h@web.de> writes:

>> I assume you have
>> right?
> This is true.

But doesn't make sense.  If you don't like the defaults, something like


makes sense.

> Good to hear that this is correct. It would be even better if I would be 
> able to do what I want. How can I disable adding things to the path I do not 
> need, like /home/pat/.tex/tex/kpsewhich//, i.e. truly configure the path? Or 
> is it not configurable as it just does not matter?

Of course you _want_ it to add "progname", so that it finds things in
./tex/tex/latex first when you run latex.

> Ok, what would have been a better choice?
> This seems to be a problem created by me, I am just wondering if there is 
> any case where it makes sense to search in a directory twice. 

It was you who told it to search three times, by setting

> Thanks for this explanation. "Too late" means, that the files in /usr are 
> used instead of the files in /home. 

Which files?  Where are they? What happens if you add "-progname
whatever" to your kpsewhich call, replacing whatever for the program
that does not find the file?

> There seems to be a difference between your explanation (which seems to be 
> reasonable) and the current implementation (which does not seem to be 
> reasonable). As I set $TEXMFCONFIG, ~/.tex/tex should be close to the top of 
> the path, but instead it seems to be quite below.

It is at the very top, with $progname and generic added. Only as a
fallbach, all the rest (///) is searched, too, but only after the system

> Is you explanation part of the documentation? If it is, I should probably 
> file a bug report, shouldn't I?

I don't see a difference between the info documentation and the

Regards, Frank

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