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Bug#659772: landscape sciposter + hyperref + latex + dvips = center-mirrored image

Could be that I should either try to detect the usage of hyperref, or add a "hyperref option to sciposter.cls

This mail was not sent to all involved, so here a repeat:

This all chimes with my hunch that the postscript "specials" in the sciposter.cls code (inherited from a4poster) might be the problem. I have been working on a version 2.0 of sciposter.cls, and someone kindly sent me code replacing the page-setup code of sciposter with the calls to the geometry package. I will test if that solves the problem. As my personal beta version has been tested by quite a few and seems rock solid in other respects, I shall try to get a release version with manual ready. As I am overwhelmed by last minute exam stuff at work, I do not know whether I can do this before the summer vacation (starting July 21 for us).



On 13 July 2012 09:17, Frank Kuester <frank@kuesterei.ch> wrote:
Heiko Oberdiek <heiko.oberdiek@googlemail.com> writes:

> The PostScript language allows the setting of the page size:
> operator `setpagedevice', entry `PageSize', but entry `Orientation'
> is only intended for roll-fed media. Also there is no easy way
> to extract these data without a PostScript interpreter.
> At least there are DSC-comments that allows the specification
> of the page size and orientation. Thus there are several ways
> for specifying (partly also version dependent) and some will
> work on somewhere and others somewhere else.
>   Even worse if the width is greater than the height. That seems
> to be the main problem here.

In other words, this is neither a bug in one of the involved packages,
nor in dvips.  However, I fancy, it could be worked around if sciposter
had some code for interaction with hyperref?

Is this true?

Regards, Frank

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