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Bug#627171: texlive-binaries: mktexpk (and mktexnam) don't cope with unset $HOME

Dear Stuart,

more than a year ago you reported this bug:

Stuart Prescott <stuart+debian@nanonanonano.net> writes:

> Some buildds now have $HOME unset and this leads to breakages in the compilation
> of various bits of documentation on the buildd; it may be a combination of
> reduced permissions on the buildd as well as $HOME being unset that causes
> font selection problems.
> For reference, these logs come from the buildd failures of pyxplot 0.8.4-2
> when building the documentation; while the documentation ends up in an arch:all
> package, building it also acts as a test suite. The complete logs are available
> at:
>   https://buildd.debian.org/status/logs.php?pkg=pyxplot&ver=0.8.4-2
> While this problem is clearly quite unlikely to ever hit a regular user of 
> latex or pdflatex, it's a nuisance on the buildds (and quite hard to debug too),
> so better handling of this situation would be great.

Unfortunately, we ignored this issue since than.  Is it still a problem? 

Regards, Frank

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