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Bug#659772: landscape sciposter + hyperref + latex + dvips = center-mirrored image

On Thu, Jul 12, 2012 at 03:54:44PM +0400, jaakov jaakov wrote:

> We have found an incompatibility problem between both packages and are not
> able to address it ourselves. We wonder whether you could do that? Please
> see the debian bug report http://bugs.debian.org/659772

I don't see a problem in hyperref. As default, hyperref sets
the page size because this isn't done by LaTeX's kernel.
This can be turned off by option setting `setpagesize=false'
to avoid conflict with other packages that also set the page size.
But this is not the case here, sciposter can set the page
size, but then \setpspagesize has to be called. And it is not
needed here, because hyperref gets the right values from
\paperwidth and \paperheight.

The PostScript file generated by dvips is correctly converted
to PDF by ps2pdf.

Of course, what the PostScript viewers do with the file is a
different matter. dvips adds "%%Orientation: Landscape" that
some viewers evaluate and some don't. Also the viewers
seems to be confused by a larger width than height (or it's me
who is confused) and the specification is not very clear,
it only says that for Landscape "the longest edge of the paper
is parallel to the horizontal (x) axis". But it does not
specify the direction of the rotation (clockwise/anticlockwise).

Yours sincerely
  Heiko Oberdiek

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