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Re: tex-common package bug in launchpad

Angel Guzman Maeso <shakaran@gmail.com> writes:

> If I have to touch system things for just use a arial font on a
> document, then something it is break deeply for the user.

Arial is a non-free font, so at least you need to install it. Of course
this cannot be done without touching "system things" (although you can
install it into a user-specific directory).  How to achieve this is
described in the Debian documentation, see
e.g. file:///usr/share/doc/tex-common/TeX-on-Debian.html/ch4.html#s-sec-font-installation.

If you are not familiar with font details and, when saying "Arial" you
actually mean any sans-serif font or "the usual sans-serif font", then
you don't have to touch system things. You simply need to read any basic
LaTeX introduction, and you'll end with something like


with or without \usepackage[scaled]{helvet}

> Also, there are not a lot info about do things like that. Just random
> stuff on google and user blogs fighting for resolve without knowledge.

Any hint on how to improve the visibility of good documentation is
welcome.  But the existence of rubbish on the net cannot be the reason
for "fixing" programs. 

Note that changing the error into a warning only has the effect that the
user notices the problem only upon typesetting, whereas now they notice
it upon installation.  And there have been more grave problems than that
a half-installed non-free font wasn't available.

> Most of users don't have time for read fully manuals and it just want
> use the program.  A good sign of a application design it is when a
> application can be used without read manuals.

Those users shouldn't use LaTeX, or they should first visit a course
that teaches them exactly what they need to know to perform their task
(like writing a particular thesis).

Regards, Frank

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