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Re: Re: tex-common package bug in launchpad

This is not a constructive response, specially with a RTFM. But I will try ignore the tone.

2012/7/9 melchiaros <melchiaros@aol.com>
On So, 08 Jul 2012, melchiaros wrote: > could you please look at : > > https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/tex-common/+bug/1017675
One more instance of a user who cannot read the documentation and is messing around with system things without knowing what he is doing?
Through the first stone who have installed a debian package without read all the manuals. I install/update packages everyday, I cannot read all the manuals.

If I have to touch system things for just use a arial font on a document, then something it is break deeply for the user.
Also, there are not a lot info about do things like that. Just random stuff on google and user blogs fighting for resolve without knowledge.

Most of users don't have time for read fully manuals and it just want use the program.
A good sign of a application design it is when a application can be used without read manuals.
Are you telling me I should care for something like mpm - which
is AFAIR *Miktex* Package Manager, and Miktex is a formely
Windows program...

This can be achieved without mpm, because updmap-sys fails with other stuff and break easily on updates.

I install mpm from sources, but it is packaged for debian too:

I use it because I dont know at that moment other choice for install latex packages doesn't shipped by default on a distro. In this case arial font package.

> Angle Guzman Maeso has reported it and has also already done a deep
> inspection of the issue which should be allow to fix it.
I understand this a wishlist bug: updmap-sys should not fail
generally if a (locally) installed map file is missing, but just
issue a warning, correct? This could cause further problems in case
people miss the warning and then start complaining b/c their locally
installed fonts do not work any more.

I agree, showing a warning only could be a badly idea. Instead could be a debconf question like:

ERROR: The following map file(s) couldn't be found:
 ua1.map (in /etc/texmf/web2c/updmap.cfg)
Do you want continue (Y=Yes/N=No):

That makes to the user think that something is wrong. If the user choose write 'Y', he can continue and the package it is installed because updmap-sys returns a 0 status value.
If choose 'N', the package is not updated as current behaviour returning a -1 status value.

I think that this could save a lot complains.


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