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Re: scalable-cyrfonts and font naming

Hi Norbert,

	Free Times, Free Helvetian, Free Helvetian Condensed, Free Courier, 
	Free Avant Garde, Free Paladin, Free Schoolbook, Free Bookman,
	Free Chancery, Teams and OldSlavic.

Those names seem awfully generic, and there are some trademarks in
there ... anyway ...

    Now that creates a clash that is sub-optimal.

Not just suboptimal.  Completely unacceptable.  Conflicts would make
both fonts sets unusable, in practice.

            fpl:	TL package fpl: SC and OsF fonts for URW Palladio L
                                    shipping the fonts
                    TL package psnfss: shipping fpl maps
            fnc:	TL package fouriernc: 

I see no magic bullet here.  We can't create a conflict.  So either the
fpl and fnc authors change their names, the cyrfonts authors change
their names, or we omit at least those two cyrfonts from TL.  Right?

I have no way of knowing how widely used the TeX fpl and fnc are, but I
expect they have been used in *some* documents.  Therefore I would feel
bad about renaming them.  Since they have been in TL for some years, I
feel they should have priority on the names ...



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