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Re: The horrible infinite-loop detected bug

Hi Hilmar,

On Sun, 20 Dec 2009, Hilmar Preuße wrote:
> If anybody has modified the file and it contains more than these four
> lines (or they look at little bit different): will the hack fail
> then?

If other lines are present that does not change anything. Only those 5
(not four) lines are checked for.

Changes in the four lines are accepted as long as they are only 
white space changes. 

If the user did any other changes then it is his obligation to make
sure that he fixes it.

> analyse any log file. I just believe: if these four offending lines
> are in the fmtutil.cnf when fmtutil-sys is called (and
> texlive-base-bin has been removed) the update-fmtutil did not
> work/was not executed. I think we should find out why update-fmtutil
> did not update fmtutil.cnf correctly instead of trying to built work
> arounds as they just hide bugs.

It is not a problem of update-fmt, but a *double* definition of formats
which is interpreted as infinite loop in fmtutil (which is a bug
by itself). It has nothing to do with the update-fmtutil stuff at all.

Best wishes


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