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Re: triggers support in tex-common

On 14.05.08 Norbert Preining (preining@logic.at) wrote:


Mayn thanks for the work, you've done until now.

> So do we plan to ship that already for lenny?
Maybe it would be a good idea to upload to experimental and after
about a month to unstable. The first we/you (:-) can do now, I guess
it would be a good idea to announce it anywhere.

> Or should we try to get the trigger for the hyphenation patterns
> working, too? Reason: Someone installing all the -lang packages
> will re-run fmtutil-sys --byhyphen ... several times.
Well, creating format files can take a while, especially if all
possible formats have to be created (pdf(la)tex, xetex, etc.).

hille@kloetzer:~ $ find /var/lib/texmf/web2c/ -name \*.fmt|wc -l

I guess, if this could be done in one step it would safe time. I
guess there will be a few people not just having one lang installed.

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