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Re: Backport to etch

Hi Florent, our Grand Master of the 42. order ;-)

On Mon, 14 Mai 2007, Florent Rougon wrote:
> recommend some suffix like ~bpo.1.

That is what is also written on the "contribute" page.

> I agree, and would even recommend that you use such a versioning scheme
> if, *and only if* you intend to upload the very same packages to
> backports.org. (bpo means backports.org, so labeling something bpo when
> it is not uploaded there only spreads confusion)

Right. Good comment.

> For my personal backports, I use something like 2007~etch.frougon.0 so
> that I can easily spot:
>   - that the package is a backport of mine;
>   - that it wasn't updated for etch if the version is something like
>     2007~sarge.frougon.0.

But this doesn't help with the dependency problem as you know.

> > - Build-Dep on tex-common (>= 1.7)
> > 	if I make a package tex-common 1.7~bpo.1 then I have to adjust
> > 	all the build deps to get it right, this is stupid ...?
> Unfortunalely, yes. One way around that would be to use versioned
> depends such as (>= 1.7~bpo) instead of (>= 1.7) in unstable, even if

Baehhhhh, no.

> you don't have backported the package yet. This works fine since
> 1.7 >= 1.7~bpo, but I admit it is slightly ugly.

Only "slightly"?

> I think you should backport everything, including the dummy tetex
> packages. IMHO, people using your backports want something recent, and

Ok, this is what I put onto the tl2007 dir of tug.org. So people now can
add the respective lines (as explained on
www.tug.org/texlive/debian.html) and even on etch get an installable
system, tetex is replaced etc. But version numbers are exactly like in

>   [1] The policy for backports.org is to only upload packages that are

Thanks for the information on this, so for now I DO NOT(!!) consider
myself enough free to actually create backports for bpo. Too much work
(for now). 

If someone wants to step in, provide patches (eperl is already used in
parts), that would be great.

Best wishes


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