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Re: Backport to etch

Hi all!

On Mon, 14 Mai 2007, Julian Gilbey wrote:
> I believe that bpo.1 is the normal suffix.  Have a look at the
> backports repository for examples.

On Mon, 14 Mai 2007, Jörg Sommer wrote:
> Should it go to <http://www.backports.org>? Then you must name ist
> 2007-7~bpo.1 The changelog entry looks good.

Ok, taking a look there I see that it should be 

But, many new quesions:
- Build-Dep on tex-common (>= 1.7)
	if I make a package tex-common 1.7~bpo.1 then I have to adjust
	all the build deps to get it right, this is stupid ...?
- Do we backport *all* packages?
	If yes, what to do with the temp tetex packages? Kill them so
	that people can continue to use both TeX systems?

Suggestions please ...

Best wishes


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