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Re: The Russian issue (was: Issues with and after upgrade to texlive)

On Thursday 19 April 2007 09:10, you wrote:
> Indeed, resolution 8000 is extremly large. This is a direct consequence
> of using dvips-option -Ppdf together with a document that uses
> pk/bitmap/pixel fonts. THe best solution would be to use Type1 fonts,
> which in this case I think are provided by the cm-super package. Does
> installing that package help?

Yes, installing that package does help and even makes the PDF looks better 
as the Russian fonts look "cleaner" (at least to my non-Russian eye).
It also gets rid of all warnings and errors during the build.

I will add cm-super to the build-deps for the manual (there goes another 
60MB, sigh ;-)

> This does not explain, why these problems only happened after the
> texlive update. AFAIK config.pdf, which is read when -Ppdf is used) has
> not changed resently. But maybe there was a modified version before?

Indeed, because I also don't have cm-super installed on my Etch system, so 
there still is an unexplained change in behavior.

AFAIK I have never modified any of the TeX configuration files (finding 
them largely incomprehensible) and I also frequently build the manual 
using a clean pbuilder environment anyway, so I very much doubt that that 
is a factor.

More later, have to go now.


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