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Re: Issues with and after upgrade to texlive

Sorry for the delay of this reply, but I wanted to do the upgrade first in 
a i386 sid chroot before breaking the system I use for my daily builds of 
the installation guide again, and had to wait for some dependencies to 
resolve themselves.

Also, thanks for the suggestions about which packages to install. I have 
kept with a minimal setup with additionally the texlive-lang-* packages 
for the languages we support.

On Monday 16 April 2007 09:56, you wrote:
> Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> wrote:
> > After installing what I thought I needed (and having the dependencies
> > from jadetex satisfied), I tried building the installation guide, but
> > ended up with:
> > $ jadetex build.tmp/install.en.tex
> > This is pdfTeXk, Version 3.141592-1.40.3 (Web2C 7.5.6)
> >  %&-line parsing enabled.
> > ---! /var/lib/texmf/web2c/jadetex.fmt was written by pdfetex
> > (Fatal format file error; I'm stymied)

This issue seems to have solved itself in the mean time. I can no longer 
reproduce the error on either of my systems.

But... I do have two new issues I'd appreciate your feedback on. Please 
tell me if you'd prefer bug reports for them.

1. Disappearing top margin
If I build in an i386 sid chroot the top margin in PDF disappears, while 
if I build on an amd64 sid system they are fine. Compare:
- http://people.debian.org/~fjp/d-i_manual/install.en_i386.pdf
- http://people.debian.org/~fjp/d-i_manual/install.en_amd64.pdf

The XML source and build scripts are identical in both cases and both 
systems have the same versions installed for all "*tex*" packages.

2. Building the Russian PDF version of the manual takes ages and
   shows new and strange messages
- http://people.debian.org/~fjp/d-i_manual/ru.pdf_etch.log
- http://people.debian.org/~fjp/d-i_manual/ru.pdf_sid.log

I've included timings and the commands we run in these logs for your 

As you can see the 'dvipdf' step now takes 8 _minutes_ instead of
20 _seconds_, and the 8 minutes is on a system that is a lot faster!
The resulting PDF files are the same in both cases AFAICT.

There are also differences in the "warnings" dvipdf produces:
- a lot of "page may be too complex to print" warnings
- "Checksum mismatch" warnings for fonts that AFAICT are not even
  installed (nor available in Debian)
- the "no %%Page comments generated" which I don't understand at all

BTW, if you know of an alternative method to generate PDF files from 
docbook-xml than we use now (xml->tex->dvi->pdf), I'd be very much 
interested. Especially if it would support Greek and CJK languages [1].


[1] We do actually support Korean ATM, but only by including a custom tex 
header file and using the latex-hangul-ucs-hlatex and hlatex-fonts-base 

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