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Re: NOT YET: Please unblock texlive-bin

PLEASE ALL svn gurus:
	#debian-tex on irc.debian.org

I want to go back to revision 2260 and revert ON THE SERVER all changes
I made afterwards .... is this possible????

On Mit, 10 Jan 2007, Frank Küster wrote:
>  * -9 has been generated from the new layout, this means tpm2deb.pl has
>     vanished, tpm2deb-bin.pl and tpm2debcommon.pm have emerged, and 

I am working on this

>  * The renaming of the mktexlsr patch means that it's hard for the RM to
>    review the actual changes

This I can undo and rename it as it was

>  * rules.in has been changed, we need to convince the RM that the
>    generated rules itself does not hide changes

will be the same as before after the undoing

>  * lintian overrides have been added without a changelog entry, some of
>    them belong to a different source package

will be gone...

Best wishes


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