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Re: tex-common: Please provide dh_installtex functions for packages that need only mktexlsr

On Die, 24 Okt 2006, Florent Rougon wrote:
> > I think Florent has a point, but I also agree that texmf-texlive takes
> > long enough to be avoided if possible.  What about adding TEXMFSYSVAR
> > and TEXMFSYSCONFIG unconditionally?
> I think it's a good idea, along with Norbert's proposal of adding a note
> in the dh_installtex manpage about handling files migrating from one
> TEXMF tree to another.


> > Note that we'd have to do some filtering to avoid duplicates:
> Yup.

No, sorry I am too lazy for this. If we state in the manpage that we
create /usr/share/texmf and /var/lib/texmf and we state that IF you
add/remove files from other trees, please specify them on the cmd line
via --texmftrees, and a maintainer adds /usr/share/texmf, then it is his
fault. Umpf.

Ok, we can sort/uniq it ... later ...

Best wishes


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