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powerdot and ooolatex (libemf+openoffice+latex)

Hi there,

I have been having some Latex-related troubles under my Debian sarge i386
First, I would like to have a working installation of the quite new CTAN package
powerdot (a successor of prosper). After having followed the usual instructions,
and putting the .sty and .cls files under my tex directory and rehashing, when I
tried to run an example, there were some error messages, during compilation,
stating that some packages either did not exist or were too old; if I remember
well xkeyval and xcolor were some instances... Might this be related to the, if
I understand correctly, the transition from tetex to Livetex, with tetex already
too old??? By the way how do I upgrade a specific Latex package under Debian
sarge right now? Is this possible, without reinstalling all the tetex-base,
-bin, and -extras packages???

Second, when trying to install OOoLatex, which is a plugin for OpenOffice.org,
allowing us to type Latex code in a popped up window from within Impress, and
then automatically inserting the corresponding (modifiable: resizabel,
reeditable) figure in our slides, I simply could not make the libemf library to
work, to begin with, neither the macro plugin to be recognized... Could anyone
try and see if this might work?? FIY, this OOoLatex seems to be quite similar
to Texpoint for Window$ Powerpoint, which used to be free and no longer is; at
any rate, it is an incredible piece of software, easing the building of highly
professionally looking presentations...


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