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Re: powerdot and ooolatex (libemf+openoffice+latex)

orca@if.ufrj.br wrote:

> I have been having some Latex-related troubles under my Debian sarge i386
> machine.

Two comments: First, don't send to both debian-tex-maint and
debian-tetex-maint, since the list of subscribers is (almost) identical.
 Second, these lists are *not* for user questions but for discussions
about maintaining TeX packages in Debian.

> First, I would like to have a working installation of the quite new CTAN package
> powerdot (a successor of prosper). After having followed the usual instructions,
> and putting the .sty and .cls files under my tex directory and rehashing, when I
> tried to run an example, there were some error messages, during compilation,
> stating that some packages either did not exist or were too old; if I remember
> well xkeyval and xcolor were some instances... Might this be related to the, if
> I understand correctly, the transition from tetex to Livetex, with tetex already
> too old??? By the way how do I upgrade a specific Latex package under Debian
> sarge right now? Is this possible, without reinstalling all the tetex-base,
> -bin, and -extras packages???

You can update individual packages just as you install new packages by
putting them into the right subdirectories below /usr/local/share/texmf
or a TEXMF-tree in your $HOME. At least with current packages, this is
documented in tetex-bin's README.Debian. However, I don't think you will
have fun getting teTeX in sarge to an uptodate state. It would be much
easier to install teTeX 3 from <http://www.backports.org/>. That comes
with xkeyval, while xcolor is in its own package (latex-xcolor).

I have not tried if teTeX 3 works with powerdot, though, being a beamer
user myself.

BTW, there is no relation between teTeX in sarge being quite old and TeX
Live, which contains powerdot, being packages for Debian now. That was
just an unfortunate timing between the teTeX and the Debian release. The
backported packages work very well, though.

> Second, when trying to install OOoLatex, which is a plugin for OpenOffice.org,

I haven't heared about OOoLaTeX before. If you have any problems with
it, I suggest gatting in touch with the OOoLaTeX developers.


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