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Re: Elementary tasks in need for *tex?

On Sam, 08 Jul 2006, Rogério Brito wrote:
> > Work on the test-bed? A testing system for new versions would be good.
> Good. Is there any test-bed that is already being formed or would it be
> written from scratch?

in the svn repository there is test-bed (same level as tetex-base etc).
It is quite simple, but some ideas are already in there.

> > But any other suggestion is welcome, too.
> What about the packaging for Debian of texlive? What about checking

> And regarding the Debian packaging, is there anything that a novice
> could do?

Hmm, hard to say. It is perl code, loads of perl code. And of course
Debian packaging. And TeX live internals. I think there is no delimited
topic the students could work on. It is more a long term relationship

But then again, if someone wants to dig into perl, there is the TODO
file in texlive/trunk/TODO ...

Best wishes


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