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Re: anonymous cvs checkout @ debian

Frank Küster wrote:
> I have now done checkouts of the CVS trees of tetex-base and -bin, both
> in unstable/sarge and in experimental, and diff'ed against my local
> copies.  I had to fix some further mess, see the commit messages, and
> some files I manually removed from /cvs/tetex/ on gluck are now in
> ~frank/CVS-mess.  
> There is one thing I could not fix:
> frank@gluck:~$ ls -lh /cvs/tetex/CVSROOT/history
> -rw-r--r--    1 root     adm             0 Apr 17 06:25 /cvs/tetex/CVSROOT/history
> this gives "cannot write to history" error messages from cvs.  Many
> other files there are group "Debian", don't know whether this is
> correct. 

Err... fixed now.  Sorry for that.

> As a side note, I think it is a *very* bad thing that we don't have
> daily backups of gluck (and all other Debian machines).  If this isn't
> changed by the time I come back from my vacation, I'll raise this issue
> on the appropriate list.

Feel free.

I'm working on this as well.



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