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Re: Instal failiures on a Macintosh LC475

On Tue, Sep 06, 2005 at 06:55:22AM -0700, Yan Seiner wrote:
> I have been trying unsuccessfully to install Debian sarge and now debian 
> testing on my old LC475.
> The install goes well until it gets to the partitioning.  Using the 
> sarge installer, partman hangs at 72%.

Hmm, that shouldn't happen. What do your logs say at that point? (switch
to tty3 to see them -- apple+f3 will get you on tty3)

It might also be the case that it isn't actually hanging, but is just
very slow. Have you let it run overnight or something, just to be sure?

> Using the testing installer, it crashes with can't get a pty: No such
> file or directory.  If I let it run long enough, I get a fclose: no
> space left on device.

Yes, that's known; the daily builds for 2.2 are broken currently. We're
working on it :-)

> I've tried both hdnative initrd.gz and initrd22.gz; same result.  I've 
> tried increasing the ramdisk to 20MB; same result.
> I am running on an LC475, 36MB RAM, 18GB hard disk (partitioned with a 
> patched Apple HD SC).

That should work

> The machine will run linux; I have set up a minimal environment using 
> busybox and I can netboot to it.  It runs fine.  Just the partition 
> manager chokes on something on the hard disk/controller.
> My kernel args are root=/dev/ram ramdisk_size=20000 mac53c9x=1.

You want "mac53c9x=1,0". The install manual was wrong there; I've sent
in a bugreport to get it fixed, but that hasn't happened for the sarge
version of the manual yet.

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