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Re: Instal failiures on a Macintosh LC475

On Tue, Sep 06, 2005 at 07:04:53AM -0700, Yan Seiner wrote:
> Yan Seiner wrote:
> >I have been trying unsuccessfully to install Debian sarge and now 
> >debian testing on my old LC475.
> >
> One other data point....  When it is booting, it comes up with a message 
> similar to can't mount devfs on /dev: no such device.

That's normal; DevFS does not exist for 2.2, which is why we hacked
around that with a userspace DevFS emulation. It's very ugly, but it
works; the only thing is that you will see that error message during
bootup while booting a 2.2 kernel. Nothing wrong with that, that's

> I've checked the initrd and /dev is there with what looks to be all of
> the required devices.
> I wonder if something didn't get left out of the old 2.2.25-mac
> kernel...

It worked for me...

Not specifically on an LC475, though, and those are (IIRC) reported to
have a 68LC040 processor rather than a 'full' 68040. Is yours swapped
out for a real one? If not, then it probably won't work at all; you'll
get bus errors all the time.

> Is there any way to log all of the kernel events during the install?  Or 
> some way to turn on debugging for screen/net dumps?

None that I know of...

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