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Follow up report

I finally got the time to complete testing on the modules problem I ran
into last week.

1. First test that failed: Use the newest boot/root pair to boot the
install. Install kernel and drivers from older CD. Modconf never runs.

2. Using the drivers disks that come with the boot/root floppies, modconf
runs just fine.

Best I can tell, there is nothing wrong with the install, when run against
self consistant components.

Current problem.

For the last several installation attempts, I've been getting the
following error from the base install:

Couldn't download pppoeconf

I'm not sure I understand what's going one with this one.

I've recently gotten a fairly up-to-date CD. The new "mutli-boot" stuf
doesn't work on bochs, but my laptop can boot it. Is there some reason to
abandon El-Torito? Can't they both reside on the same CD? Just curious...

It also appears that the default boot is the 2.4 kernel. Is that really
the goal for the release? This install is significantly different from the
2.2 kernel install, leaving me uncertain about how to organize my book.

Any suggestions?


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