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Re: woody unusable for dial on demand because of exim/libc6 bug

On Sat, Mar 30, 2002 at 00:58, Ben Collins wrote:
> No, I am saying that with your setup, you need to use a local DNS
> server. Otherwise, you need to have ppp-up.d and ppp-down.d swap out a
> resolve.conf for when you are dialed up or not.

As you convinced me that everything is as it should be I checked again
the proper solution Philip Hazal and I worked out, but which did not
work at that time for some strange reason we could not find.
And this way I found out that the problem has disappeared in the
current version of exim!!!
So, anyone who is annoyed by this DNS lookup of exim can simply set the
following option and it should work fine without looking up the name of
the localhost all the time (it does here):

# This specifies the name of the current host. This is used in the HELO
# command for outgoing SMTP messages, and as the default for
# qualify_domain.
# If it is not set, Exim calls uname() to find it. If this fails, Exim
# panics and dies. If the name returned by uname() contains only one
# component, Exim passes it to gethostbyname() in order to obtain the
# fully qualified version.
primary_hostname = MyMachineName

I suggest that Mark Baker considers to integrate this in the
default exim.conf file. Then he could close the bug #96633 as well.

Thanks for your help Ben.

I am happy that this beast is finally done! :-)

Bye, Steffen

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