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20000201 i386 boot floppies test report

Well, I was able to boot this one.
Hardware: Dell OptiPlex DGX 5100
CPU: P100 (will test again when it's dual P133)
NCR53c810 onboard SCSI
EISA/PCI expansion bus
ATI mach64 onboard video
Nat Semi IO controller

(Slink disks would lock on this system while reading ramdisk)

BogoMips value is 1.90 (compared to about 48 with `stock' 2.2.14 booted

A bunch of modprobe can't open dependancies file
/lib/modules/2.2.14/modules.deb (no such file or directory)

I notice I'm not asked if I want a block scan while initialising swap or
ext2 filesystems.

I'm also not asked about kernel 2.0 compatibility. (I was expecting to be)
I also have only 8 inode tables on a 900MB (approx) partition?

The kernel doesn't have my network card compiled in, so I can't install
the kernel over NFS. (via-rhine)

Then I put in the wrong floppy for drivers #3. I don't have to reload all
the floppies again. Spiffy keen.

Is there any room left on the `boot' floppy for network drivers, or do I
want to test a different set for network install?

Ooooh. One big problem. If you're on VT2 and modconf is detecting modules
on VT1, it'll draw on VT2 when it's finished detecting. Very noticeable on
a slow machine.

Oh, and I also can't type the full path into the dialog asking for my path
in the NFS mount. The buffers should be about twice as large.
After adjusting NFS exports I'm able to load the base2_2.tgz

Everything else seems to go well.

But, after I reboot, the filesystem hasn't been cleanly unmounted.


Now I'm asked if I want to create an user account. I think somewhere here
I should be asked if I want to use `user groups' or a `users' group

No other problems that I can see so far. Just dpkg taking one heck of a
long time on my system, but I think that's a kernel issue more than
anything else. It takes about 15 minutes to replace packages.

I'll run more tests as I can get to them.

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