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Re: 20000201 i386 boot floppies test report

Please please please tell us what boot-floppies version precisely you
are using.

ferret@phonewave.net writes:

> A bunch of modprobe can't open dependancies file
> /lib/modules/2.2.14/modules.deb (no such file or directory)

Purely cosmetic, and anyhow, this is a kernel issue.

> I notice I'm not asked if I want a block scan while initialising swap or
> ext2 filesystems.

That's as it should be.  It only asks if you pass the 'verbose' bootarg.

> I'm also not asked about kernel 2.0 compatibility. (I was expecting to be)

Ditto, see above.

> I also have only 8 inode tables on a 900MB (approx) partition?


> The kernel doesn't have my network card compiled in, so I can't install
> the kernel over NFS. (via-rhine)

Try the compact flavor of boot-floppies.

> Is there any room left on the `boot' floppy for network drivers, or do I
> want to test a different set for network install?

Try the compact flavor of boot-floppies.

> Ooooh. One big problem. If you're on VT2 and modconf is detecting modules
> on VT1, it'll draw on VT2 when it's finished detecting. Very noticeable on
> a slow machine.

Yeah, modconf bug already filed.

> Oh, and I also can't type the full path into the dialog asking for my path
> in the NFS mount. The buffers should be about twice as large.
> After adjusting NFS exports I'm able to load the base2_2.tgz

Hmm...  Maybe a bug should be filed on boot-floppies for this.

> Everything else seems to go well.

> But, after I reboot, the filesystem hasn't been cleanly unmounted.

Yeah, known bug.

> Now I'm asked if I want to create an user account. I think somewhere here
> I should be asked if I want to use `user groups' or a `users' group

If you think so, please file a bug on base-config.

> No other problems that I can see so far. Just dpkg taking one heck of a
> long time on my system, but I think that's a kernel issue more than
> anything else. It takes about 15 minutes to replace packages.
> I'll run more tests as I can get to them.

Cool.  Glad to see it "mostly worked".

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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