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Full CD testing report from Aigarius

Testing object: Debian Linux CD's (2.2 pre-BETA 17-Jan-2000)
Testing environment:
    CPU    -- AMD 80486 DX4 120 MHz
    m/b      -- BMG-486SG VESA
    RAM   -- 32 Mb non-EDO SIMM (4x8Mb)
    HDD   -- WD Caviar 23200 3.2 Gb
    CD      -- Sony CDU4011-10 40x
    Video  -- Cirrus Logic GD5428 1Mb
    Sound  -- ESS 1868f Audio Drive
    Modem-- SmartLink 5634BRS internal (Rockwell, hardware modem)

    /dev/hda1 -- VFat system drive with LoadLin
    /dev/hda2 -- Linux Swap
    /dev/hda3 -- Linux Native (Debian)

Install process:
Booted into MSDOS.
Ran /cdrom/install/boot.bat.
Partitioned the drive.
Initialized swap and linux native. (erase, 2.2 features=on)
Installed kernel and modules.
Bug #1 : In screen with title "Choose Debian archive path" simple
<Enter> changes
focus to <...> button while should process <Ok>.
Configuring device driver modules.
Bug #2: After choosing "Configure device driver modules" it stops for a
then a message "depmod: Error reading ELF header: No such file or
which is instantly overwritten by next screen.
Installing Base System.
Bug #3: Installer asks for what to install from for second time. Is this
really necessary?
Configuring Base System.
Bug #4: Answer to "Is your BIOS clock set to GMT" is ignored.
Making Linux bootable from HDD.
Bug #5: If I install Linux to second HDD of two, LILO installs itself to
MBR of
second HDD which makes Linux unbootable on most PC's.
Bug #6: We should have a nice liloconfig, like the one in Slackware for
over a year now.
Making Linux boot floppy.
Bug #7: The user is not asked for floppy device.
Bug #9: Once while making a boot floppy it stopped at:
I switched to second console and saw this:
# ls
Unable to handle kernel NULL deference at virtual address 00000013
current->tss.cr3 = 00101000, %cr3=00101000
Oops: 0000
CPU: 0
EIP: 0010:[<e011bfd1>]
ELAGS: 00010206
eax:00000013 ebx:00400000 ecx:08400000 edx:13000000
esi:00000000 edi:c172e084 ebp:c173a178 esp:c1f27eac
ds:0018 es:0018 ss:0018
Process sh (pid: 18768, process nr:16, stackpage=c1f27000)
Stack: c1e9a6e0 00016000 c172e084 08448000 00000013 00000013 0005e000
          0805e000 c011da10 c1e9a6e0 08048000 00016000 c1e9a6e0 0000000b
          c1f27f40 c19cc120 c0113a03 c1e9a6e0 c1e9a6e0 c1e9a6e0 c0118552
Call Trace: [<c011da10>] [<c0113a03>] [<c0118552>] [<c0169bd6>]
[<c01106a6>] [<c0110887>] [<cc010fbd2>]
[<c0109dd1>] [<c0109d14>]
Code: 00 00 00 85 c0 74 07 a3 85 10 c0 89 42 54 5b 5e 5f 5d 83 c4
Segmentatin fault.
The same msg showed up for other commands, just pid and process number
were increased by one each time.
Selecting task packages.
Bug #10: If there is no Internet connection it just fails with
unresolved hostnames.
                Solution: the sources.list should be dialog-made before
Bug #11: If I make sources.list pointing to cdrom and mount it, after
selecting tasks I get msgs like this:
task-foo depends on bar, but it will not be installed.
And no pkgs are installed.
Dselecting pkgs:
a) cdrom method:
Bug #12: /var/lib/dpkg/methods/mnt does not exist so dselect can't mount
the cd's there
            Solution: mkdir ;)
Bug #13: Some packages are uninstalled due to dependency confilicts if
they are not available right now (other cd is in the drive)
            Example: jed and jed-common
            The problem seams to be in Conflict: lines with version
number <<
Bug #14: dpgk doesn't seam to take Replaces line as Provides lines. The
problem is in perl-5.005 that replaces perl, but doesn't
            provide it. it make this a critical bug
b) multi-cd method:
Bug #15: /var/lib/dpkg/methods/multicd/availible doesn't exist
            Solution: mkdir, touch
I couldn't get this mode to work correctly. sorry.
c) apt
    1) from /cdrom
               Bug #13 here too
    2) with sources.list from apt-cdrom
        Bug #16: CD change doesn't work
Please insert disk: "BLABLABLA"
13 % [Working]                 //Random number of  % here from 0 to 30

E: Internal Error, ordering was unable to handle the media swap

    The /cdrom is mounted, but take a look how:
    /dev/hdc on /cdrom type iso9660 (ro, noexec, nosuid, nodev)

    It is NOT the mode in my fstab, is says
    /dev/hdc /cdrom iso9660 defaults,ro,user

Package bugs:

apel: tar complains about future timestamps

gnuchessbook: /usr/lib/games/gnuchess/gnuchess.data doesn't exist
(another dir)

libunguf3g-dev: broken postinstall script

setserial: if a kernel with no module support is used the pkg cann't be
installed or removed
because of wrong call of update-modules in postinst, postremove, which
fails and makes
installation or removal of the pgk fail too.

quake-lib-stub: still recommends squake or xquake (should recommend

But every thing else I tried (70% of pkgs) forked fine.
BTW: Should I file the bug reports or this is enought?
If you need some more info please contact me.
CC: of urgent msgs to aigarius@mail.lv are welcome

Note: I have a new urgent/personal email address : aigarius@mail.lv

Mail you later,

Origin: May the Linux be with you ...

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