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Re[2]: Full CD testing report from Aigarius

Hello Seth,

Thursday, February 10, 2000, 12:36:06 AM, you wrote:

SRA> Aigars, probably the thing to do is file bug reports against perl,
SRA> quake-lib-stub, apel, gnuchessbook, setserial, libungif3g-dev. ALso, the

I'll do so

SRA> apt-cdrom manpage says that cdroms cannot be added by hand to the apt
SRA> system, but rather apt-cdrom must be used. It also says that each CD in a
SRA> multi-cd set must be inserted and scanned seperately. Whether or not you had
SRA> any control over this process, I just don't know.

I did so. First I cleaned the sources.list, then used apt-cdrom on all
cd's from the package.

SRA> If you want dpkg to handle Replaces: as Provides: I think you should file a
SRA> wishlist bug against dpkg. I don't know how we got into the perl mess, or
SRA> how we are going to get out of it, but I hope someone knows. :)

Will do

>> c) apt
>>     1) from /cdrom
>>                Bug #13 here too
>>     2) with sources.list from apt-cdrom
>>         Bug #16: CD change doesn't work
>> Please insert disk: "BLABLABLA"
>> 13 % [Working]                 //Random number of  % here from 0 to 30
>> E: Internal Error, ordering was unable to handle the media swap
>>     The /cdrom is mounted, but take a look how:
>>     /dev/hdc on /cdrom type iso9660 (ro, noexec, nosuid, nodev)
>> ???
>>     It is NOT the mode in my fstab, is says
>>     /dev/hdc /cdrom iso9660 defaults,ro,user

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