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Re: Bug#32421: Bootdisk reboots on Toshiba 3010CT

On Thu, Jan 28, 1999 at 08:55:57AM +0000, Arrigo Triulzi wrote:
> On a separate note: we used to have a debian-syadmin mailing list in
> Germany where we discussed "many machine" issues, as in sites with
> large number of Debian boxes. There were so few of us that it died
> miserably but I really feel that we should try to revive the
> discussion. Let me clarify: it is all very well to test upgrades and
> installations on a one-machine basis but there are sites, like mine,
> which count Debian boxes in 10s and have a total installed base of
> perhaps 200+. This means that upgrading one-by-one is not too
> attractive and neither are (were, of course ;-)) issues like xterm
> becoming xterm-debian breaking compatibility with Suns and other
> non-Linux *NIX boxes. I am very grateful for the, undoubtedly heated,
> discussions we held on xterm-debian and for the option to keep the
> xterm name in (actually, to add it to the installation-time options).
> It is issues like this which really need to be resolved.
> At the moment I work with "gold standard" disks, i.e. I have a list of
> packages which are installed and some auto-configuration scripts
> (trivial) which allow me to build off an NFS server with pre-installed
> images in under 10mins. This is 100% site specific though... 
> I would really like to know if this is of interest to anyone or I am
> the only idiot committing so heavily to Debian :-)

I would like to improve our boot floppies to be able to do unattended
installations. At least until dpkg takes control...
I first thought about adding boot parameters. In fact in 2.1.5 one can
avoid the "Configure keyboard" step by adding "bootkbd=qwerty/de" (or
whatever keymap one needs) to the boot parameters, on the "boot:" prompt
or on syslinux.cfg on the rescue disk. But that solution doesn't "scale"
well, as the kernel buffer for boot parameters is only 256 chars long.
I guess I'll have to use a config file on the rescue disk. That gives us 
an interesting problem when booting using loadlin...

Enrique Zanardi					   ezanardi@ull.es

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