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Re: Bug#32421: Bootdisk reboots on Toshiba 3010CT

Adam Di Carlo scripsit:
|Oh boy.  Arrigo, thanks for having patience.  We've had a lot of
|problems with Toshibas.  I'm not sure why.  I want it fixed.  This has
|even bit RMS!  Toshibas are the most widely sold laptops.

Well, put it this way, I wanted to get the Windoze refunded so I had
better get Linux running on it some way or another ;-) I guess that
being a mathematician patience comes with the job. Actually, the other
person mentioned on the Linux Laptop Volounteer Project has booted
Debian 2.0 via the Tecra floppy on a 3010CT without any problems. I am
taking the box to the Toshiba repair shop this morning to see if it is
a hardware issue. It did a funny with the sound card last night so I
have this half-feeling that it might be a hardware issue. Still, why
1.3 and not 2.0 or 2.1 Tecra disks? I guess we'll know by this
afternoon if it is a hardware problem.

|Anyone on the boot-floppies or testing list have a clue?
|Who's the culprit?  SYSLINUX?  The kernel image?

I have this terrible worry about 2.2 coming out: I think I read
somewhere that you need to build it with bzImage 'cos it is bigger
than 2.0. How is this going to work under Toshiba laptops? I can
happily boot a zImage but not a bzImage (tried it last night, it
definitely reboots after finishing the Loading linux..., using a
floppy helps!) so what are we going to do about 2.2 kernels? It is
obviously a Toshiba "feature" but clearly we have to adapt  to it
because Toshiba isn't going to fix it for Linux.

Should there be some sort of intermediate boot as in:

LILO (bootloader)->intermediate boot loader->kernel

This might work but I suspect it means a major kernel re-design.

On a separate note: we used to have a debian-syadmin mailing list in
Germany where we discussed "many machine" issues, as in sites with
large number of Debian boxes. There were so few of us that it died
miserably but I really feel that we should try to revive the
discussion. Let me clarify: it is all very well to test upgrades and
installations on a one-machine basis but there are sites, like mine,
which count Debian boxes in 10s and have a total installed base of
perhaps 200+. This means that upgrading one-by-one is not too
attractive and neither are (were, of course ;-)) issues like xterm
becoming xterm-debian breaking compatibility with Suns and other
non-Linux *NIX boxes. I am very grateful for the, undoubtedly heated,
discussions we held on xterm-debian and for the option to keep the
xterm name in (actually, to add it to the installation-time options).
It is issues like this which really need to be resolved.

At the moment I work with "gold standard" disks, i.e. I have a list of
packages which are installed and some auto-configuration scripts
(trivial) which allow me to build off an NFS server with pre-installed
images in under 10mins. This is 100% site specific though... 

I would really like to know if this is of interest to anyone or I am
the only idiot committing so heavily to Debian :-)

Sorry for the mixup, little time to separate the message, if someone
has the time to do it I would be grateful.



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