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Debian 2.0 install

I know, I know, it's 2.0, but it's all I had a CD for. :)

anywho, the other night I sat down and did a fresh install of Debian 2.0
on my old, beastly 386.

yep. 386.

The only reason I'm brining this up is because of the recent
documentation conflict/arguement/discussion, and the comment that
"floppy disks and FTP is best for older machines". I wholehartedly
agree. Matter of fact, unless you've got a blazingly fast CDrom,
installing off CD is actually really bloody annoying.

20Meg RAM
200Meg HD (16 -- DOS, 24 swap, rest = /)
2x CDROM on a SBPro interface

All I really wanted was an environment to play with Perl at home, and
after several hours, it was up and running.

Because of the SBPro CD, I needed a copy of the drivers disk, at least,
but jumping to there before getting a root disk seemed to break things
immensly, so a 2-disk + CD install was needed. I would've used FTP, but 
the beast has no modem.

Now, my major complaint is how dpkg handled installing packages off a
CD. I'm sorry, but more than an hour to install 20-ish packages is a bit
nuts. It's mostly because on a 2xCD, scanning through 1000-ish files
takes a freakin' long time! I understand the concept behind why and how
dpkg does it this way, but is it really necessary? Please tell me apt
does better/smarter...

-- Jeremiah Merkl
"Bye-Bye-Bickey-Bickey-Bye-Bye-Bickey-Bye-BO!" -- Dale Gribble

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