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Re: Debian 2.0 install

Jeremiah Merkl wrote:
>Now, my major complaint is how dpkg handled installing packages off a
>CD. I'm sorry, but more than an hour to install 20-ish packages is a bit
>nuts. It's mostly because on a 2xCD, scanning through 1000-ish files
>takes a freakin' long time! I understand the concept behind why and how
>dpkg does it this way, but is it really necessary? Please tell me apt
>does better/smarter...

No, it's not necessary. It's just that the cdrom method for dpkg in 2.0 uses
'dpkg -iGROEB' which is *horribly* inefficient.

Yes, apt fixes it. Just install apt for hamm (0.1.8, in
slink/main/upgrade-i386), and set it up as a method in dselect.

You can also use the 'mounted' method, which I've heard doesn't do that

BTW, are we shipping the cdrom method in slink? Does it still do 'dpkg
-iGROEB'? I'd think the dpkg-multicd method and/or apt make it obsolete
and redundant.
Robert Woodcock - rcw@debian.org
"Unix and C are the ultimate computer viruses" -- Richard Gabriel

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